Caritas Kenya
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The Programme seeks to enhance the Institutional Capacity of Caritas Kenya and Diocesan Caritas through developing and putting in place mechanisms that strengthens the leadership, governance and operational functions. Capacity Building Program enables Caritas Kenya realize her coordination, facilitation and representation roles both at the local and international level.

The Programme ensures that the capacity for Catholic Church based development structures are strengthened, so as to effectively respond to the needs of the poor. The programme seeks to promote efficiency and effectiveness as it carries out her mandate while working with her partners both at the national and international level.


  • Metropolitan Meetings
  • Commission Executive Committee
  • Caritas Annual Forum
  • Solidarity Visits
  • Development of Strategic Plans
  • Training & development
  • Caritas Board Meetings
  • Caritas Country Forum

Caritas Annual Forum

Caritas Kenya through the Capacity Building Program facilitates a Caritas Annual Forum. The forum is attended by all Diocesan Caritas Directors from the 4 Metropolitan.

The Annual Forum is held once a year, where a thematic area is picked, discussed and deliberated on. In this forum, Caritas Kenya and the Diocesan Coordinators evaluate, share challenges, and discuss possible opportunities for enhanced collaboration and partnership to improve services delivery at the Dioceses.

Solidarity Visits

Solidarity visits to dioceses are meant to help the Caritas Kenya to discern the activities being steered by the diocese towards community development and in the process provide the opportunity to learn innovative and best practices for sharing with dioceses, explore opportunities or bi-partite, regional or nationwide partnerships.

 The visits also help to establish specific needs that may require facilitation or technical inputs from the Caritas Kenya. It is meant to establish specific areas of technical advisory support in Development Programming in the 26 Catholic Dioceses in Kenya.

The visits bring closer and clear understanding between Caritas Kenya and Diocesan Caritas on development programming. Additionally, the visits have a capacity building aspect of helping the dioceses engage actively in their development work by putting up systems and structures that enables quality service delivery towards sustainable development.

Commission Executive Committee

Caritas Kenya facilitates the commission’s Executive Committees on quarterly basis. The Executive Committees provides Leadership and Governance to Caritas Kenya on Development Programming and governance. 

The Committee also acts as a Technical and Advisory body on development matters that involve Caritas Kenya and the Dioceses.

Metropolitan Meetings

These meetings are held in 4 Regions of the metropolitan Sees. Currently there are 26 Catholic jurisdictions spread over 4 metropolitan regions among them, 4 archdioceses, 20 dioceses, 1 Apostolic Vicariate and 1 Military Ordinariate. The jurisdiction includes, Nairobi Metropolitan, Nyeri Metropolitan, Kisumu Metropolitan, and Mombasa Metropolitan.