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    Food security programme is an avenue for support of various agricultural and associated initiatives aimed at enabling the poor to have food at all times and in sufficient quantities. It aims at enhancement of National Food Security and supporting appropriate production and sustenance strategies within communities, as well as building capacities within the same communities to allow for sustainable environmental practices.

    The programme entails elements of coordination, representation and facilitation. Representation function is manifested through participation in forums that engage in predictive analysis of the food security situation in the country.

    The analysis targets to enhance data management and information dissemination at the national level.

    Facilitation role is mainly manifested through the capacity building activities – both for diocesan staff and the communities that they serve. Building capacity at the diocese level is the main avenue for having effective and sustainable interventions.

    Coordination in the programme is achieved through ensuring that development activities are effectively implemented at diocese level. The coordination is achieved through offering of technical support and monitoring of project activities.

    This programme aims to support the rural poor, marginal farmers, women and socially excluded people in improving their household-level food security through sustainable agriculture; water management; livestock management training, integrated production and providing a joint platform for advocacy on issues that surround aspects of livelihoods promotion. All these activities are viewed from a perspective of diversification of productive resources for income generation and promotion of better livelihoods and enhanced household level food security.